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Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks – Photography Training For Beginners

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Photography Training For Beginners

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks provides photography training for beginners. In just four hours I will take you from being a complete novice photographer to a competent and confident photographer. That’s right, with our tried and tested photo walk photography training, it only takes 240 minutes to really start getting the most out of your DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks - Photography Training

Personalised Photography Photo Walks

We deliver the photography training course exploring the great photographic canvass that is Henley-on-Thames. None of this photography course is done in a stuffy classroom. This is an intensive program, as a result, it does not work with more than 2 students participating in a single photography training class. My sole focus is on making you a better photographer.  My photography training is delivered one to one (couples welcome) with me, your own personal photography training coach.

Hands-on Photography Lessons

We cover a lot of information in our photography lessons but this is a highly practical photography course, you will be taking lots of photos and learning photography by doing. I love teaching this photography course as I get to meet a great bunch of people who I see blossom into great photographers right in front of my eyes.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks - Photography Training

Photo Walk - Course Structure

The photography training session starts with us exploring what you want to get out of the photography course. The next step, is to go through the key themes that we are going to cover in the photography course. After that, we quickly move on to the fun bit, taking photos. You not only take some great photographs but you will learn lots about photography.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks - Photography Training

The key to this part of the photography photo walks course is to just let yourself go and have fun. We will be changing our perspectives by getting high and low to see how it affects the photographs. We recommend loose clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Become a Confident Photographer

At the end of the photography training session we will do a wrap up.  This is to answer any remaining photography questions and to check your understanding. This way you can finish the session confident of your photography skills.

We have structured this photography training to make you more confident with your camera. The exercises will give you the practical experience to make you more confident taking photographs.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks is a proud member of the Henley Business Partnership.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks - Photography Training

If you have any questions about our photography training, please send me a message by clicking here, an email to or give me a call on 07956 807442.

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