Photo Walk – 2 People


Photo Walk – For two people (£158.50 per person)



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If you want to book a Photo Walk for two people, this is the product for you.

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Here is a recap of what we will cover:

– How a camera works (only the high-level important stuff)
– The importance of light
– Navigating your camera
– Image formats
– How to hold a camera
– Lenses
– Changing lenses
– Using a tripod
– Exposure: to blur or not to blur
– Bracketing
– Aperture / Depth of Field (f-stops)
– Auto focus
– Manual focus
– Filters
– Metering modes
– Histograms (only the useful stuff without the geeky blah blah…)
– White Balance
– Aperture Priority mode
– Shutter Priority mode
– Manual mode
– Drive modes
– Panning / moving subjects
– Composition (this is where the magic happens…)

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