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This Photography Quick Start is a 2 hour group course that offers a photography taster. This course is ideal as a ‘pre-course’ to the main Photo Walk or if you just want an introduction to photography to set you off in the right direction for your photography journey.

If you would prefer a comprehensive 1-2-1 (couples welcome) course which will teach you everything you need to know to take great photos in just 4 hours, then please look at my Photo Walk.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks Photography Training by Paul Darvell

Is the Photography Quick Start right for you?

Before you sign up to one of my photography training courses I want to make sure that the course is right for you. If you need more information about my photography training course to make that decision or you are not sure, please contact me and I will talk it through with you. Scroll down for a detailed list of the course content.

If after reading the below you are still not sure or have some questions, get in touch and I will answer any questions. The last thing I want is someone coming on a course which is not right for them.

Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks Photography Training by Paul Darvell
Course Content:

– How a camera works (only the high-level important stuff)
– The importance of light
– Image formats
– How to hold a camera
– Lenses
– Changing lenses
– Exposure
– Aperture / Depth of Field (f-stops)
– Aperture Priority mode
– Shutter Priority mode
– Manual mode


HOT Photo Walks

100% Guarantee

If you are not happy with our course, just let us know before you leave the venue and we will give you a 100% refund.

Compare Courses

I often get asked whether people should attend the Photo Walk or the Quick Start. Only you can decide which course is right for you.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you prefer group courses or 1-2-1?
  • Do you want an introduction or an in-depth course?
  • 2 hours or 4 hours?
  • Personalised or generic?

If you want to learn everything you need to know to take great photos in just 4 hours on a course that is tailored to meet your needs, then the Photo Walk is for you.  However, if you just want to covers some basics or check out my teaching style before committing to the Photo Walk, then the Quick Start is for you.

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